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I’m Nicole - a logistical ninja with relentless optimism, a creative mindset and over 6 years of experience in producing hundreds of corporate events across the world.

Combining my extensive background in corporate events with my adventurous spirit, I have launched Cultivated Experiences to create and share unforgettable experiences that connect, enlighten, and empower audiences.

I help my clients create direct engagement, share resources and promote their products and services through conferences, speaking engagements, workshops, trade shows, and just about every other type of event out there.

It’s certainly a digital world these days, but there is no doubt that we still crave face-to-face connections, and events are the best marketing tool out there to provide this.

I am excited to take on any challenge with clients from all industries and all parts of the world. With every project, I ensure all deliverables are executed on-time, with high energy and with every detail accounted for.

Together, we’ll bring your brand to life and directly in front of your target audience.