Taking the Leap - Leaving Corporate to Live Life on My Own Terms

Three months ago, I left my secure corporate job at a growing company determined to start living life on my own terms. Today, I am a solopreneur, writing this post while onboard a ferry headed to Santorini, Greece.

Chasing sunsets after a day of work and exploring in Greece.

Chasing sunsets after a day of work and exploring in Greece.

After spending years in the structured American corporate world, I started feeling restless. Sitting at the same desk for 8+ hours a day, having to request permission to come in late or leave early for even just a dentist appointment, and not having the ability to choose who I was working with or what projects I was working on, was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

I wanted to have control over my daily schedule, to travel the world and to live a life of experience.


While trying to soul search and figure out how I could have a real career outside the corporate world, I started utilizing my skills and background to take up a few freelance projects on the side. But after completing a few projects, I realized that freelancing could not only pay well, but could provide interesting, diverse and fulfilling work for me too.


My side freelance projects become my push to finally take the leap and leave my job to essentially turn freelancing into my main hustle.


Over the last couple months, through listening to countless podcast episodes and attending workshops focused on entrepreneurship, finding purpose and changing career paths, I learned how to turn freelancing into my own business.

Today, I am a solopreneur, managing my own boutique marketing agency, Cultivated Experiences, where I specialize in global corporate event design and production for individuals and small businesses looking to elevate their brand through events.


Since launching my own agency just three months ago, I have collaborated with 12 different clients from 7 different industries, traveled to Europe and Africa, met Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’ Leary) at my last event in South Hampton, NY, and I swear my forehead wrinkles have minimized by at least 20%. 


During these past few months, I have learned so many new skills in finance, sales, branding, website design and more– all skills I was not learning in my structured team at a corporate office.


Now as a solopreneur, I have the ability to be as creative as I want and am constantly expanding my network across various industries to work with clients from all over the world that are as passionate in their work as I am.


I am now able to control my daily schedule – allowing me to create a new balance of work and life that works for me #workhardplayharder. Some days, this means taking a yoga class during my lunch break to refocus my energies. Other days it means working until 10:00pm to meet a deadline. Either way, I love that I now have the ability to adapt my work schedule as desired.


As a solopreneur, instead of a boss, I have multiple mentors, including existing clients and connections made through local solopreneur communities. Through them, I am receiving endless inspiration and learning new strategies across all aspects of business development and success.


Possibly my favorite aspect of my new solopreneur lifestyle - instead of staying cooped up in an office all day, I now work from hip coffee shops, in the comfort of my own home, or with fellow creatives at cozy co-working spaces around the world. I am not forced to stay in one location, but am now able to work remotely from all parts of the world. This month it’s Europe- next month it will be South America.


Through Cultivated Experiences, I am living a new life focused on creating and sharing unforgettable experiences that connect, enlighten, and empower audiences to a live a life of experience.


So there it is- my story is proof that this lifestyle is possible.
Never ever be afraid to take the leap!






Continue following my journey and growing business – there is so much more to come!
IG: @cultivatedexperiences

Nicole Prybula