Tips & resources to elevate your business, pursue your passion projects or launch your own online business giving you the freedom to live life as a Traveling Entrepreneur.


3 Tips for Working across Multiple Time Zones

Working remotely can not only give you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, but also the freedom to work with clients from anywhere in the world!

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5 Events to Grow Your Network in The OC (Orange County, CA)

Networking events are one of the best resources for finding community within your industry, connecting with mentors, hearing tips & stories from local businesses, or finding new clients.

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Top 3 Lessons Learned in Year 1 of Solopreneurship

During year 1 of Cultivated Experiences, it was a lot of learn as you go and teaching myself the many aspects of starting and running an online business via Google search and different online communities.

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3 Ways to Land Your First Clients

It’s amazing to think back to the amount of passionate, profitable and creative projects I secured after just the first few months of launching Cultivated Experiences (#blessed), and I’m excited to share these ways with you so that you can do the same!!

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Taking the Leap - Leaving Corporate to Live Life on My Own Terms

Three months ago, I left my secure corporate job at a growing company determined to start living life on my own terms. Today, I am a solopreneur, writing this post while onboard a ferry headed to Santorini, Greece.

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